House Decorating Contest Submit your house for a chance to win! Details here
(Updated: Dec 1)

Christmas House Decorating Contest


Is your home the brightest home on the block? Does your hydro bill double during the month of December? Are you the most festive home around?  Then we have a contest for you!

Decorate your house in Christmas style and enter to win 1 of 5 prizes of $75.00 gift cards to a local Bright’s Grove eatery.

All submitted photos will be posted on the Bright’s Grove Optimist Facebook and website.

Entries must be submitted by Saturday,  December 12, 6pm. Judging will take place in the evenings from December 13-19th (5-9pm).

Contest is open to residents of Bright’s Grove only.

This Year’s Winners


1935 Westgrove
2997 Stoney Creek Dr
2644 Hamilton
1985 Orchard
2931 Stoney Creek Dr