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(Updated: July 28)

Kirk Marlowe Receives Outstanding Service and Leadership Award


Kirk Marlowe Headshot

iKeepSafe is pleased to present the Outstanding Service and Leadership Award to Kirk Marlowe for his dedicated work promoting digital citizenship.

Since 1988, Major Marlowe has served in the state police as a trooper and special agent, an Academy sergeant, lieutenant, and as a division commander for the High Tech Crimes Division (HTCD) within the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). Over his years with the Virginia State Police, he has managed the Violent Crimes Unit and Professional Standards Unit’s Staff Inspection Section as a first sergeant and in 2004 was promoted to lieutenant, where he managed the Counter-terrorism and Criminal Interdiction Unit. Five years later, he achieved the rank of Captain of the Support Services Division before establishing and supervising the new HTCD. In 2015, he was promoted to his current rank of Major, where he serves as the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Administrative and Support Services. Despite his demanding career, he has also volunteered countless hours of expertise as a trusted partner of iKeepSafe. The reach of his service cannot be adequately measured, but includes his immediate community and hundreds of thousands of educators, parents, and policymakers around the globe.

As an Advisory Board Member, Major Marlowe provided valuable input which shaped the iKeepSafe Generation Safe™ Program into the award winning education platform it is today. For example, he reviewed and submitted substantial feedback on each of its learning modules. He provided a four minute video on Law Enforcement Cooperation. And he tirelessly assisted its launch, pilot, and outreach efforts by providing statements of support.

Additionally, in his capacity as an Advisory Board Member, Major Marlowe has contributed nearly 20 educational blog articles. Published as often as twice a month, these articles have spanned topics from sextortion, cyberbullying, social media, and parenting in today’s high tech world. Per iKeepSafe’s special request, he authored an article on Digital Stalking that provided information to victims about how and when to report events to law enforcement, details about support services in the community and online, and what type of evidence they need to preserve. Very few people could provide such in-depth information on such a timely and important issue. Within each article, he unpacked heavy topics but always shared success stories–making a substantial, positive influence. His articles reflect his fantastic leadership and guidance.

iKeepSafe applauds Major Marlowe’s devoted service to such noble work, and truly appreciate his years of partnership.

Source: iKeepSafe