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(Updated: July 28)

Scouts Embrace Wise Tech Choices


Earlier this week, iKeepSafe and the Great Salt Lake Scout Coucil held a special event regarding the new pilot program entitled “Wise Tech Choices.” The project focuses mainly on the concepts of Digital Balance and Healthy Content.

Jackie Leavitt, Former First Lady of Utah and iKeepSafe Founder and Chair, joined Mark Griffin, Scout Executive at Boy Scouts of America, Great Salt Lake Council, to address attendees.

Specifically, they highlighted iKeepSafe’s recent findings from 350 Scout Parent Surveys, which verified that parents’ two top digital concerns for their Scouts are: “Cyberbalance” and “Healthy Content Choices.” Additionally, Mrs. Leavitt and Mr. Griffin showcased iKeepSafe’s latest children’s book, Faux Paw the Techno Cat and a Time To ACT — Making Healthy Content Choices.

“‘Be Prepared’ is our Scout motto,” Mark Griffin explained. “We agree our 21st Century Scouts have the benefits and power of a connected world, but without guidance they do not have the necessary proactive skills to navigate this connected world. These skills are taught in Wise Tech Choices. That is why we are supporting this pilot.”

As was stated in a newspaper article following the event, 9 year old Elisha Holladay of West Jordan, said he had heard just a “teeny bit” about cybersafety before attending Monday’s event. Now, he said he’s confident he would turn off his computer immediately if he were to encounter unhealthy material online.

Read more details about the event here, and visit for additional information about the pilot and available resources.

ikeepsafe internet safetyEmily Ensign is a member of the iKeepSafe team, an organization that gives parents, educators, and policymakers the information and tools that empower them to teach children the safe and healthy use of technology and the internet.

Source: iKeepSafe